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How Healthy is Your Business’s Culture?

Business culture is all about attitude. As a business leader, the culture you foster within your business directly affects the attitude your employees will have towards your business and towards their…
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9 Best Apps To Work Effectively

A number of people have asked me for recommendations about what apps they can use to work most efficiently, so I developed this list to help all business leaders and entrepreneurs out there. ​ Surpr…
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The 5-Step Plan to Business Happiness

To a large extent, happiness is the difference between your expectations and reality.  If reality meets or exceeds your expectations, you’ll be happy. Frustration is created whenever there is a dis…
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The Evolution of Inefficiency

Why Systems Evolve into Inefficiency From a business’s infancy, processes are set into place to make it run more effectively. As the business grows and develops, these processes are often followed d…
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What Will Your Future Be?

None of us are fortune tellers, and we certainly can’t see the future. But we have the power to make choices every day that directly shape our future. As part of my work with my clients, I hear a lo…
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Which CRM?

I work with many clients in many different stages of their business. Many of them have no idea what kind of CRM or project management system they need to support their thriving business. Many people d…
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