April 6, 2017

Spring Clean Your Business – Make Your Company More Productive

spring clean your business
If you’re like practically all people, your business was built by a lot of labor and dedication and has shifted its workflow over the past years. Where you stand now is a composite of many years of people, jobs, and the technology that you have been using.

Now that you’ve been in business for a while, you need to take a good look internally to make sure that the way your business is functioning is ideal for where it is right now and will sustain your future growth. Spring cleaning your business will help you weed out unnecessary work and give you an objective perspective on how your business runs, letting you make the decisions necessary to boost your productivity.

Here are a few things to ask yourself as you take a good look at your workflow:

  1. Who are the people that work here? What are they good at, or not good at? Is there any way you can capitalize on their strengths for the benefit of the company? Ask them what kind of app they would dream of to help streamline their workflow and help them do a better job.
  2. Do you have the right technology to support the business? In today’s world, technology puts businesses ahead of their competitors. Take a look at what you and all your staff members are doing – can you go digital? Is there a type of software that you can think of that will keep your office more focused, responsible, and organized? Is there anything that you can automate? You may want to bring in a technology specialist to help you – often, they’re trained to spot workflow items that can easily be automated or structured that most business owners wouldn’t know to look for.
  3. Why do you do things the way you’re doing them? Most likely, it’s because “that’s how we always did it”. What may have been a good answer for a 2002 problem may not be the right answer for today’s generation (think: faxes and paper were popular then, but does it make sense to require paper now, or should you go digital?). Be ruthless in asking “Why”. Get down to the bottom of why your staff spends its time on what it does. Don’t be afraid to introduce a change – you won’t help your company grow by limiting its ability to adapt.
  4. How can you eliminate jobs? No, you’re not looking to let anyone go – you’re looking to trim their workload so that each person can handle a larger workload responsibility. If you think in the mindset of getting rid of the job description, you’ll think of ways to automate and to restructure your workflow efficiently – 2 key ingredients of a productive business.
  5. How can you do better? Is there something you’re not providing your clients that you should be? Have you tried conducting a survey to find out what they think of your products and services? Is there anything else that they wish you would do as well, or do better?

Thinking introspectively about your business is critical to its growth. You need to make sure your business’s structure is strong enough for it to handle ever increasing responsibilities without compromising on ideal standards. Looking internally and asking these questions is a great way to continue your path to success.

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Good luck!

April 6, 2017