May 29, 2019

Understanding Your Business’s Structure

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As a leader in a business or any organization, you need to understand how organizations work in order to maximize the efficacy of your business. It’s important that you appreciate the different components that make your organization work.

The first and most important principle to understand is that all parts are interconnected. You can’t be lax on taking care of one aspect of your organization without it affecting other parts. Similarly, if you focus extra attention in one area, it will impact the quality (in a good way) of the other aspects. Make sure to keep a balance and not neglect any areas.

The 4 main aspects of your business organization structure include:

1. Purpose

No organization exists without a reason or a purpose. What is yours? Does everyone in your organization know your purpose, and do they agree with it? In an optimal situation, you will be able to define the mission of your business, and everyone that is part of your business will be able to understand and support that.

2. People

All organizations start with people working together. It simply wouldn’t exist otherwise. Who are your people? Which personalities work well to further your organization’s mission? Are people working in roles that best leverage their skill sets?Who are valuable players in your company, and how do they contribute? Do you have relationships with other organizations that help you fulfill your mission?

3. Technology

Software, hardware and anything related to the processes you use is like glue that holds your organization together. It allows many people to work together, collaborating on projects, and being more efficient with all their efforts. It creates a structure that many people can use to work together to create a strong output. It allows the same amount of people to achieve more and fulfill the organization’s mission to a much greater extent.

 4. Culture

The environment you create within your organization, the groups and team feeling (or lack thereof), the support you show one another, the recognition and appreciation of individuals – all those are essential to building a good culture within your business. The culture sets the standards for relationships, behaviors, and principles within your organization.

Having a good culture means people will be more committed to fulfilling your mission. It means they feel like they belong and will invest their abilities and strengths to supporting your vision. It will further your organization’s purpose and achievements – but that’s only if you create a feeling of belonging, connectedness, and a collective whole. And that feeling starts at the top with all leaders choosing to create a strong internal network and to fully engage their people.

I hope this helps take the conceptual and make it a little more tangible and easier to understand for you. Apply it to your business, and watch it reap the rewards of a more successful and effective organization.

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May 29, 2019